A Geek Is Born: Part 1

Fair warning: I’m gonna reference “STAR WARS” a lot on this site. Heck, the very first post’s title was a “STAR WARS” reference. Beyond it’s status as a cinematic and cultural touchstone it’s had a profound impact on me my entire life and it threads it way into a lot of my experiences. Perhaps part of the reason could be, I don’t know, was that it was THE VERY FIRST MOVIE MY PARENTS TOOK ME TO SEE. Sure, I was an infant and wasn’t even a year old, but I was there. I couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7 months old and my parents took their youngling to a drive-in because they knew that it would grant them some freedom that a regular theater would. What my dad didn’t expect would be that I would cry for most of the movie and he would be pushing me around in a stroller while mom sat in the car with my brother enjoying the show. I legitimately think he held resentment for that one for the remainder of his life. Clearly I can’t say that being a baby at a movie genuinely affected who I was but in my next installment of BABG I’ll explain the first real impact “STAR WARS” had on me.

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