Self Awareness and Max Landis in the #MeToo Era

I really didn’t intend to talk about anything heavy this early in the game but my hand has been forced by current events.

In the past Max Landis has been able to skate passed any allegations about sexual and mental abuse for a number of reasons but it seems that now there is heavy weight to the accusations being made against him. In short 8 women have come out saying that he treated them terribly and he is an all around awful person to women. As this type of allegation almost always proves to be true, especially with multiple accusers, I’m going to presume the truth in this matter.

There are many reasons this matters to the geek community and no, it’s not because he’s attached to science fiction and horror movies that are scheduled to be produced. It’s because this is a reflection of our society at large and our place in it.

In effort to encourage and guide other people to being better geeks it is imperative that I be willing to show light on my own experiences. In the wake of the #metoo movement I shared on social media, Facebook and Twitter specifically, that I was myself guilty of awful behavior. I’m not going to equate my actions, like forcing a kiss or being a manipulative “nice guy” to the kinds of things that Landis is accused of because I think that is disrespectful to his alleged victims (and because I quickly experienced guilt and remorse for my deeds and vowed to be a better person). But I will say that my actions fell on a spectrum of disrespect for women and that if I want my voice to be valid I have to keep it real with you and myself.

One of the many things that motivates someone like Landis or anyone else who tries to take advantage of others, whether it’s as serious as rape or simply a dangerous traffic maneuver, is a sense of entitlement. If you think you deserve something because of who you are rather than as a reward for positive actions then you have a sense of entitlement. And frankly, geeks can be loaded with entitlement…

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