Chewie, We’re Home

Now I bet you’re asking “why don’t he write?” Sorry, I know a DANCES WITH WOLVES reference isn’t exactly geeky or especially cool but it came to mind and I’ll just have to work through the inner agony I’ve caused myself.

But, yes, I’m aware that I haven’t posted in a while and it’s been nagging on me. But I have a few good reasons. One is that I’m working very steadily right now. When I started “Be A Better Geek” it was during a hiatus from work and so I had plenty of time on my hands. But once I start working, well, everything falls to side.

So what do I do that would suck up all of my time? I work in the film industry, specifically in the Locations Department. I say “film” broadly because almost all of the work I have done is for television. There is a long-term dependability that you get from working on a TV show with a lot of episodes. Both TV and film have their advantages and disadvantages but the pace of TV is exhausting. Making 45 minutes of screen-worthy stuff in 8 days means you move at a breakneck pace. Do I love it? Much of the time I do. Recently I encountered a bunch of stuff that really hit me in the gut but I will talk about that at another time. Right now I just want to share a note of positivity.

You might be asking “Chuck, what does this have to do with geekstuff?”

I like that word, by the way. “Geekstuff.” I’m going to keep using it.

As luck would have it I have worked on a lot of shows of interests to geeks. I’m not going to name drop but I’ll say that I have shared parking lots with zombies, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, inter-dimensional horrors, at least one gargoyle, big name make up wizards, and a self-proclaimed king of the world.

And what did I do after we all parked? For quite a long time I cleaned their bathrooms. I handed out safety vests. I picked up trash and set up tents. I’ve shoveled up the goo they’ve left behind. Thus far I have only disposed of one dead bird. I don’t do quite as much of that now. Now I find places for these folks to park, where to put those bathrooms, and spots for their trucks. Sometimes I locate places to film. I’m particularly proud of one hero location that pops up regularly on a TV show that some of you probably watch.

Right now I’m working on a 70+ hour work week. We bought tickets to go to New York City in October and I plan on checking out the King Kong setup they have at the Empire State Building so I’m happy to put in those extra hours. But it means I don’t get to write this blog as much as I like. For that, I apologize, but know that my heart is here with you.

Oh…and another reason I haven’t been writing as much…eh, I’ll tell ya later.

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