Live Long and Prosper

“Live long and prosper.”

Introduced in the STAR TREK episode “Amok Time” Spock spoke these immortal words along with the iconic Vulcan hand gesture.

Leonard Nimoy borrowed the hand gesture from a Jewish blessing and it has since grown an identity of its own. But it’s those words that speak to me.

All I really want for anybody is for them to live long and prosper. In fact, that is the ultimate goal of the entire staff of “Be A Better Geek” (yes, I’m counting the cat as a team member) and I hope of anyone who follows this site. I want people to be able to live their own lives and be able to find joy, love, compassion, good health, generosity, and hope in their lives. To me the greatest ideal is to help others also find that and to be able to be unburdened by fear of others or personal growth. I hope that in some small measure my words help to cultivate that search for joy and community growth.

And to acknowledge the obvious elephant in the room: yes, it affects my ideology. My social and political views are guided by the goals set forth by the Vulcan greeting. Yes, there are people whose ideologies are in direct opposition to myself. There are people who I think prosper, economically or politically, by exploiting others. But I do not wish harm upon these people. I’ve heard people wish suicide or diseases on their enemies. I have watched people die by the grips of depression or terminal disease and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. But I do want my ideological and philosophical opponents to find a sense of humility and compassion for their fellow humans. Perhaps they should study the character of Spock. He was a scientist, a compassionate friend, and an inspiration to many generations. And thanks to him we have the most important words in geekdom.